Nursery & Youth Services

Nursery & Kingdom Kids seeks to prepare the next generation for service to God by imparting the fundamentals of God’s truths in the following manners:

Love – We preach, practice, and teach God’s amazing grace. Our littlest believers learn lessons related to loving God and loving one another as we live out those principals in children’s ministry. Participants will be involved with service projects and other hands on activities that benefit others.
Bible Teaching – Our goal is to remain biblically grounded and spiritually focused insuring that the inspired Word of God is our guiding light.
Safety – Safety is a main priority of the Kingdom Kids children’s ministry whereby we choose volunteers with high spiritual and moral backgrounds and adopt safeguards to protect children from physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse and the church from liability.

Relevance – We want to present the fundamental truths in an easy to understand relatable fashion that is both exciting and fun. We understand that children learn from participation. We strive to engage our littlest believers in the process by presenting the gospel in a way that allows them to embrace Christianity.

We do all of these things with the hope that our efforts, along with the influence of the Holy Spirit, ushers our littlest believers in to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
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