Spring, Wings, and Things

Spring, Wings, and Things
Did you know that February 14th better known as Valentine’s Day is historically known as the beginning of “mating season”? That’s right, it’s the beginning of reproduction among all of the animal kingdom. I’ve witnessed this transformation that takes place just by watching the birds in my own backyard. During the winter months they are strictly about staying warm, forging food from open fields, berries from shrubs and bushes, and seeds from my outdoor feeders. After February 14th they change in their behavior, becoming more aggressive. They flutter their wings more and fly more in pairs, busily building their nest for a soon-to-be family.

With people, there really isn’t that much difference. During the winter months, especially those of us who live in the North, we retreat into our homes staying warm with hot cider, cozy fireplaces, and warm coats that gets us through the snowy conditions. But when Spring comes, we get aggressive in our own rights. We lose the coats and get back outside, preparing spring gardens, doing home repairs, and the list goes on.

Spring comes with a special condition known as Spring Fever. This fever is so severe it causes us to do strange things like smile, stay up late, go for walks, enjoy cook-outs, bask in the green grass and flowers, and yes, even fall in love. It’s a God-given right and every living creature experience this transformation, It’s is beautiful and transcending.

I’m ready for my transformation this Spring, How about you? The beginning of this transforming fever begins February 14th, on Valentines Day! We will be kicking this transformation off with the Spring Semester of WINGS Bible Study. Join us every Thursdays at 7pm and Tuesdays at 9am,

Bring it on!

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